Feb 1, 2011

The Book - 1

        I have read so many books, both in Kannada and English. I want to share a good book which I read recently.

         Immortals of Meluha, It is one of the finest book, I ever read. The author of the book is Amish Tripathy, A scholar from IIM. This book is a good mixture of Mythology and Fiction i.e. the story contains characters of Mythology and story line is an imagination of author.  The book is very eye catchy and a page turner. I could not stop reading until I finished the book.

         We will find similar characters Shiva, Sati, Brahaspati, Nandi.....etc & background of the character is almost same as in mythology.  Author has narrated story in such a way that it will feel like a real story not fiction. The whole story revolves around Shiva, who is a prince of a tribe called Guna, whose habitat is Mount Kailasa. The plot of the story is Shiva’s migration to Meluha with his Gunas . Meluha-land of Suryavanshis.  The story also revolves around their enemies Chandravanshis, Nagas and their war with suryavanshis....

        I will not write the story further....Otherwise you will loose interest and not read the book.

        Read the book to know why Meluhans believed Shiva as ‘’Neelakantha’’, how Shiva leads a small army of Meluha to win over massive Chandravanshis army, why Shiva feels guilty even after victory in the Dharmayuddha.
Keep Reading ...Enjoy.


  1. thnx.. i will read.. any PDF reference :P
    ---maneesh shanbhag

  2. Very interesting book deepak..
    do u remember, how Kallu was desperate to read the book at the time of Dandeli trip

  3. An enjoyable read The Immortals of Meluha by Amish . loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and original, this book is going in by "to read" list.